Soca bloggers The Socalyst, SocaSaySo and DysChick are three like-minded women who have joined together to tell the world about the power of Soca music! 

Stay tuned to Blogger Chicks on YouTube for our webisodes where we will let you know our thoughts on music, Carnival, and the people making soca headlines.

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About Blogger Chicks

The Socalyst is a Caribbean Entertainment blog geared towards the enhancement of Caribbean culture. Created back in July 2014, we have gained quite a following of many different people from around the world, including many Caribbean entertainers.

It is our mission to celebrate the Caribbean; highlight it's culture and entertainment.

For over 4 years, Grenadian blogger Socasayso has worked to highlight Soca culture by exploring underground fetes, fete fashion, up-and-coming artistes and new venues for Soca.  After years of debate, she is out to prove that Soca can be as big as reggae/dancehall.  

Her goal is to tell the world about Soca through video interviews and live event streaming.

DysChick is a soca party blogger from New York City.

A Brooklyn native, DysChick's passion for Carnival began with a study of "Trinidad Carnival, Culture, and History" at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. 

Her mission is to demystify fetes and Carnivals by introducing neophytes to the artistes, deejays, and mas bands making headlines in the industry.


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