Island Colors

This event was evidence that a good deejay can change the vibe of the party.  Although I am a socaholic, I wanted to see what the Jamaicans were up this weekend.  I headed to Club Nova for Island Colors featuring Elephant Man (not sure if he ever made it).  For the first hour or so, I was bored!  Yes, bored!  DJ Fugi Slim was playing throwback soca and dancehall hits, but the crowd had no apparent energy.  I have no idea how people hear good music and stand still.  However, when Freeze International touched the set, this party turned into a fete.

He began with a roll call to see which islands were representing.  Upon hearing their nation being called out, people screamed and proudly threw rags (which I didn't even see until this moment) into the air.  Then he went on to play soca throwbacks while simultaneously engaging with the crowd (who says you NEED an emcee?).  The crowd perked up and finally started to move and dance and get on like true West Indians.  Of course, no soca party is complete without a palance.

This was the perfect set up for Tallpree to touch the stage.  The Grenadian's energy and lively antics had us playing a wicked jab.  

Although they always represent, I was surprised to see so many Haitians at a reggae event.  It became clear when DJ Shortman entered the club.  I figured he was notable since he came in with a videographer following him from the entrance to the stage.  Clearly he is well known in the Haitian community, because when he started playing, the Haitian crew exploded!  I loved it!  I have got to start hitting up some Haitian parties.

I cannot say that this was a can't-miss event, but it was good to mix with some non-soca folks... briefly.