Kes & Friends

I had never been to 760 Rooftop at The Copacabana before, but when I found out that Kes the Band would be there for a free concert, I figured it was worth the trip to Midtown.

The bi-level (air-conditioned) rooftop club was a welcome change from the steamy Pulse 48 yard I was in earlier.  Not only were the people full of vibes, DJ Angel was hyping up the crowd with some throwback and new soca and keeping the flow consistent.  Despite the coolness of the room, rags and napkins were used to dab sweaty faces as we danced.  Yes, this was a great warm up for the sexy, soca superstar.

When radio legend Dahved Levy announced him, Kees Dieffenthaller wasted no time getting to the stage and serenading the crowd with the recent hit, "Endless Summer."  After energetic renditions of "Where Yuh From," "Ah Ting," and "Tuesday on the Rocks," he called out the Wotless crew by singing our anthem.  

Tessane Chin at Kes & Friends

He introduced the local overnight sensation Kranium, who had women singing along to his hit "Nobody Has To Know."  As the party was named Kes & Friends, he had to bring out his long-time friend and season 5 winner of NBC's The VoiceTessane Chin.  The strong and sultry voice of Tessane boomed across the entire floor as she belted out "Try".  Although I enjoyed the show, I admit that I was disappointed that the two did not do their duet, "Loving You."

Shortly after the Tessane left the stage, the party ended abruptly.  There was a very curt announcement that the second level was closing and everyone needed to head downstairs to the smaller lounge area.  I did as instructed, but shortly after that, we were told that this room would be closing also.  There is nothing like disorganization to spoil a good night.  Luckily, this was not my final stop.