Sunny Side Up

Sunday was a marathon day for me.  While most good people were in church or lounging at a backyard barbecues with their families, DysChick was running from fete to fete.

My day began with the annual morning fete, Sunny Side Up - the Brooklyn edition.  This party is known in Trinidad as a beach lime, but Brooklynites were able to enjoy a version of it at Pulse 48 yard.  First, I think I read the event description wrong.  I'm pretty sure it did not say anything about water and foam.  Imagine my chagrin when I walk in with my skirt and cute shoes and am immediately sprinkled with cold water.  Regardless, I spent my money to jump up.  And so I did.

I must admit that the success of this event was strictly due to the vibes of the people.  If you have been following me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, you know I have my favorite deejays that can turn around the crappiest parties.  However, the deejays I heard towards the end of Sunny Side Up did not impress me at all.  There were several times when the cadence of the music was so inconsistent that I went from jumping up to a wining slow.  I also think they overdosed on "We Want Mor" and "Ah Feeling."  With all the music released this year, a good deejay should be able to move from old to new without relying on just a few popular songs.

That being said, I had so much fun vibing with my friends and meeting new people.  Even when the music turned off, those who were reluctant to leave grabbed bottles and cans and created their own.  Had the music been better, I might have rated this event more.