Wii Carnival

I have to say that this was the best party of the weekend.  Strong drinks and straight soca all night. This is how a fete on Brooklyn Carnival weekend should be. 

Kudos to whomever created the lineup.  Leonce and Rayzor of The Request Band kicked off the Bess Fete, Yankey Boy sang the anthems for drinkers, the Vincentian General Skinny Fabulous brought out our worst behavior, and Trinidad's Olatunji "buss up the place like TADOW!"  I am not sure why promoters do not bring Maximus Dan to Brooklyn more often, but he certainly destroyed everything! 

Despite his recent injuries that caused him to rely on a cane to walk, Mr. Killa still managed to wuk up his Rolly Polly dancer, Simone (and I thought I had bamsee).  The Grenadian artist even took time to explain and perform his latest single, "Panty Dropper."  Get your mind out of the gutter.  It is just a song promoting his clothing drop-off service.  Yeah.  That's it.

Despite the rumors that he would not show up, Machel Montano not only made his appearance, but he turned up Pulse 48!  No matter how many times I hear "Happiest Man Alive," "Haunted," or "Possessed," I always get excited.  However, he reminded his fans that with his 30 + years in the business, he could get us moving with "Big Truck," "Mocking Meh" and "Music Farm," for which he brought out fellow Xtatic bandmate, Farmer Nappy.  Shortly after he broke into "Big People Party," the power went out and the stage was dark.  Believing that this was someone's way of shutting down the fete, some patrons were angry and confused.  Thankfully, within minutes, the power was back on and the show continued.  

I had an amazing time at this fete.  Each performer was amazing and gave a good show.  My only complaint is that the party ended at 3am.  Really, for Carnival weekend?  However, strong drinks, a lively audience, and a great stage show make for an EPIC night.

Machel Montano at Wii Carnival