We Want Drinks

LUSH All-Inclusive Party from Fusion Karnival

One of the nicest bartenders reppin' Team Soca

It is true that you can't judge a book by its cover.  If I had, I probably would not have gone inside the brownstone on East New York Avenue.  When my designated driver pulled up to the front of the house, we both assumed we were lost.  I immediately double-checked the address on my phone to make sure that we were, in fact, at the correct location.  My initial thought was "who sells tickets to a basement party?"  We decided that, since we already paid for our tickets, we might as well go inside.  After the thorough pat down from security (I had to readjust my bra when she finished), we descended the stairs and hoped for the best.  

The first thing I do when I go to a drinks-inclusive party is hit the bar.  Jell-O shots and rum punch was in the process of being set out when we arrived.  I had my first Ciroc and cranberry of the night when I entered the practically empty basement.  Hey, if the party is going to be a bust, at least I'll have a ball in my head.  I am not sure if it was the alcohol or the talents of Foreign Bass, but I soon started to loosen up.  Although I usually close my eyes and dance like no one is watching, I was concerned about the dismal turnout.  By my third drink, the basement was filled with people grabbing drinks and wining up to the old school soca blasting through the speakers. 

As someone who goes to many soca parties around New York, I am not only tired of seeing the same deejay lineup, I also seem to see the same people everywhere I go.  It was nice to be surrounded by unfamiliar faces.  They came out to enjoy themselves, have fun, and wine up all night.  No stushness at all.  I felt like I was among friends and rather than getting the side eye from chicks judging my behavior - or lack thereof - I got compliments and a request for wining instructions.  Of course, who would not be nice with a head full of liquor and music pumping.

I love a friendly environment, but the best thing about LUSH was the music.  The deejay lineup included Close Connections, Freeze International, Spoil Brattz, and some toddler named MszTrini.  (Seriously, how old is that girl?)  Each one kept the crowd moving with their own unique playlists and style of mixing.  Folks jumped up to "Ministry of Road (M.O.R.)" and chicks worked their waistlines to "Red Light District."   This was the first party I have been to this year where there was no lag in the music!   

Good music and an abundance of good drinks make for an amazing night, despite the location.  Big up Fusion Karnival and everyone involved in making LUSH an epic event!