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*title taken from "Unlimited Vibes" by Kes &Lyrikal

5 Things You Need to Know about Bermuda Heroes Weekend

For those of you who did not make it to Bermuda Heroes Weekend this year, you missed out.  In only its second year, this new carnival has become a can't-miss event for artists, deejays, and now DysChick.

The weekend consists of parties and events over the span of a four-day weekend promoted by Bermuda Heroes Weekend and include a j'ouvert and parade of bands like any other carnival.   If you are planning to attend next year's event, here are the 5 things you need to know before you go.

On the road!

1. Bermuda is expensive

The exchange rate is 1 Bermudan Dollar = 1 US Dollar so keep this in mind when you have to book hotels or plan meals.  Gas averaged $8/gallon and five nights at my hotel cost about as much as my rent.  So if you roll with the "borrow and pay back tomorrow" peeps, tell them to sit this one out.   

2. Taxis don't seem to have any interest in repeat business

Once we were dropped off at our hotel, I asked the cab driver if she had a card or could be hired for the weekend.  She said that the hotel can call a taxi when you need one.  As someone who lives in a city of hustlers, this was hard to understand.  Because visitors cannot rent cars, drivers know that they will always get business.  Yes, there is an app called Hitch (similar to Uber), but many of the cab drivers are not affiliated with it so it's not really useful.

If you are adventurous, the bus system is okay, but it does not run as frequently as the ones in major cities.  It cost about $5 per person to go from the St. George's terminal (closest stop Carnival parade site) to the Hamilton bus terminal and they do accept cash.  I recommend staying in Hamilton as this is where most of the events were held and it is easy to walk to restaurants and main roads.

3. Be ready for rain or hot sunshine

Bermuda is not in the Caribbean.  I say this because it is important to consider the weather when travelling.  It is only about a 1.5 hour plane ride from New York, so the weather closely matches South Carolina.  It rained consistently for most of the weekend and it was not like those passing rains of the Caribbean.  Despite the rain that soaked the fields, 5 Star Friday and J'ouvert proceeded as planned while Pan in the Park was postponed due to weather.  Thankfully, the sun was out and hot for Saturday's parade of bands and for the all-important Raft Up party on Monday.

4. Do not miss Raft Up!

There are a lot of fun things to do during Heroes Weekend, but the highlight is Raft Up on Monday.  What is it?  Patrons board party boats around the island and converge in the middle of the ocean where they disembark and party on inflatable rafts.  A barge serves as the main stage where top soca emcees, artists, and deejays entertain the masses.  As this is an island with beautifully inviting blue-green water, even they decided to join the water party.  This led to what I call the Raft Up Dive Challenge.

5. Have fun and be respectful

Bermudans are polite and respectful folks, so don't come to the island and play di ass.  Your cleaning lady, taxi driver, and waiter all have other jobs and are often professionals (your taxi driver could literally be a medical doctor).  Be considerate of the other hotel guests who may not be part of the Carnival and let's maintain the integrity of BHW.

With all of the promotion and great reviews BHW has been getting, this event will only get bigger and better.  Dates and events may change so stay tuned to www.bermudaheroesweekend.com for upcoming events and party tickets.  Get your friends together for BHW 2017 and leh we go!

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