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title taken from "Circles" by Kerwin DuBois

Why The Caribfluencers Panel at Blogalicious was a BFD

Blogging is becoming a bonafide form of entrepreneurship.  Corporations are partnering with bloggers to bring awareness to their products within a target market.  Many bloggers are earning a living by becoming industry influencers.  As a result Blogging conferences are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. 

The annual Blogalicious conference held from October 5th-8th brought hundreds of women of diverse backgrounds to Miami to share their insights and network with each other.   Companies like Wells FargoHanes, Jack Daniels, Sally Beauty, and Kia Motors partnered with the conference to offer complimentary products and experiences and to have their brands promoted to our select markets.

This year, Caribbean bloggers were given a platform to share our experiences and provide insights on how we are turning our passions into power - the Caribbean way!

The Caribfluencers panel included content creators from fashion, finance, entrepreneurship and entertainment.  We shared how we used our niche culture to build our separate brands and how we’ve been able to support each other in building a strong community.   Previous Blogalicious conferences lumped Caribbean influencers in with other women whose experiences were often dissimilar.  In most markets a media kit and a pitch are the firsts steps in impressing a target brand or audience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mistakenly relied on my web traffic and readership numbers to open doors. That’s not how Caribbean people operate.  “Our spirit has to take you.”  Meaning, you have to build and nurture relationships. 

In order to do this, we have to "tribe up" (the theme of this year's Blogalicious).  Collaboration is key to increasing our online presence.  You may have noticed that most of the prominent Caribbean bloggers know each other.  For me, I was first introduced to the family by noted blogstress Jamie Alleyne of JayBlessed Media. Through her I met the women known as SocaMom, Rewind & Come Again, and Style & Vibes.   We are all focused on different industries yet we leverage each other’s brands, content, and influence to bolster our own.  This is not a typical practice in the blogging world and it’s lauded the few times it happens. However, in our circle, the ONLY way to go far is to go together. 

While the insights gained from Blogalicious and similar conferences are valuable, they may not always be applicable.  Understanding the niche marketplace in which you play is important to finding new and innovative ways to bring your content to wider audiences.  Although blogging is new to the Caribbean diaspora, we play a vita role in bringing awareness to the art, culture, and social issues of the region.  That's why it's important to find your tribe and build together.

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Caribfluencers panel and attendees

Caribfluencers panel and attendees