De Vibes Cyah Done

Miami Carnival 2012

When thousands of West Indians descend on Miami, what do you expect to happen?  You should expect fetes, parties, and half-naked flag-bearing people all up and down South Beach.  Well, that is exactly what took place this past weekend.  The good thing was that the locals were expecting it this time.  It seemed that there was more awareness about the Carnival this year than any other year I’ve gone.  It was great that the airport staff, the hotels, and the cab drivers knew that Columbus Day weekend was Miami Carnival weekend.

I landed on Thursday night with enough time to shower, dress, and have a drink at the hotel bar (okay several drinks) before stumbling out to DJ Young Chow’s New Yorker’s party at Cameo Theater.  Luckily, it was walking distance from the hotel so I had a chance to sober up a little.  For anyone who purchased tickets online, like I did, you were required to fill out paperwork before you could get in to the venue.  This was a minor frustration for those of us who paid the $4 for the “convenience” of purchasing online.  Socavivor really needs to work that out so that there are not so many people opting to just go somewhere else.  Next time, I will just pick up actual tickets from one of the ticket outlets.

DJ Young Chow New Yorkers Party

Regardless, the venue was still crowded and everyone came out to have fun. The mix of DJs and two rooms of music made up for the confusion at the door.  A surprise appearance by Alison Hinds did not hurt either. Minus the periods of slow hip-hop, my girls and I danced whole night. 

Friday night we hit up Club Nowhere to hear DJ Kevin Crown, DJ Madout, and PanTrin Vybes.  Whew! There’s so much about this night that I cannot discuss.  Suffice it to say that a party with Kevin Crown usually involves some sort of spontaneous nudity.  I don’t know how he does this, but I have yet to go to SOBs or Rebel without women putting things on display at his behest.  That’s all I’m saying…and I think I said a lot right there.  Oh yeah, the music was great, too.

Saturday night was when things turned way the hell up! I don’t know what else was scheduled to go on that night because it seemed like everyone in Miami was at this event.  Why not?  Where else would you see Kes the Band, Machel Montano, Mr. Vegas, Kerwin DuBois, Shal Marshall, Super Jigga TC, Skinny Fabulous, Benjai, Ravi B., and Devyn (formerly Lil Devyn) at one event? I thought the rain might have been a deterrent since this was an outdoor event, but then again, the rain did not stop the party last year either.

Naturally my girls and I made a B-line straight to the front of the venue upon arrival.  From the time we got there until the four hours later when we left, we did not stop jumping and waving.  Oh, by the way, if you are going to jump and wave for four hours, you might want to eat something and drink something other than moscato or vodka.  Just saying. 

RAVE crowd with Machel on stage

Ravi B opened the show and we got our chutney in for the night before Kes the Band took the stage.  The most memorable moment of the night was when Kes pulled a female member of the audience up on stage and gave her a lap dance, causing the poor girl to tremble and practically hyperventilate.  I almost lost my rag when Kerwin DuBois got on and started singing "Bacchanalist" (this song will always mash up a crowd, by the way).  When Machel Montano came on stage, I had to take a step back to just enjoy how he had everyone waving.  Umm, by the way, I wonder if Mr. Vegas will pay my medical bills because I damaged my back trying to Bruk It Down.

You would think that, with all of that partying that I would have trouble getting up to see the street parade.  Well, you would be right.  Sorry to report it folks, but I opted to miss the parade of bands and go straight to the stage for the stage show at Sun Life Stadium.  I don't regret that decision at all.  I am putting this out there right now.  If things do not work out with my man, I am linking up with Jumo Primo, a.k.a. Rubber Waist.  The voice, the body, and the wining skill...hmm!  Lawd geez.  So who is he?  Jumo Primo is the Guyanese lead singer of Byron Lee's Dragonaires known mostly for his ability to get women...excited with his wining.  Oh, and if you were at the show, I predict that "jerk chicken" will be a big dance in 2013.  Just sayin'.

Machel Montano on stage at Sun Life Stadium

The Dragonaires were a great warm-up for Machel Montano and Team HD.  Of course, when Mr. Fete gets on the stage, everyone goes mad.  "Pump Yuh Flag," "Advantage," and "Big Truck"  had the crowd spinning rags and getting in a frenzy.  However, no one had women pushing back their bumpers like Patrice Roberts' "A Little Wine" and Farmer Nappy's "Surrender."  Keeping with the groovy vibe, Machel performed his "Vibes Cyah Done."  I think this is the first time that the lyrics to this song really resonated with me.  "It's like every fete have the number to me cell phone.  The bacchanal does call me and I cannot say no."  I really felt compelled to go to as many parties as my old bones could handle and Miami Carnival definitely had enough to choose from.  I think this year really showcased Machel's ability to shut down show after show.  Maybe that's why I actually tried to catch his rag when he threw it out into the crowd...and I did!

Although I went to parties and fetes every night of our trip, we did enjoy the sights of South Beach during the day.  Wait. Did I forget to mention the fine-ass men in South Beach?  Ladies, you have to go to South Beach and just sit back and let those fine specimen walk past you all day.  Umm hmm.  Yes, I will return to Miami – you know, for Carnival.