Why Are You Not Here, My Dear?

 *title taken from "All Kinda Kind"  by Kerwin DuBois

P.C.D. Party in New York

You know you have a problem when you have a PCD tabanca.  If you were inside Stage 48 on Sunday for PCD (Post-Carnival Depression) then you understand.  ShorBlu Events, Back2Basics Ent & Live By The Henny teamed up to bring us a party that was meant to assuage our nostalgia for Trinidad Carnival, but has instead become the annual event that we can't stop talking about afterwards. 


In March 2013 I attended my first PCD, which was held at the subterranean Latin Quarters.  In 2015, the event moved west to the three-tiered Stage 48, allowing for a larger audience and a larger stage.  Despite the move, the aforementioned promo teams have created a brand of partying that appeals to urban professionals who still want the fete experience.  They come to PCD every year and gladly pay the $55 & up ticket price. 

The event has not only bred loyalty among patrons, but also among artists.  Returning to the PCD stage were Lyrikal, Kerwin DuBois and Ricardo Drue. Despite being neophytes on the ticket, Preedy managed to get the crowd singing along to his 2016 hit, "Veteran," and Teddyson John had everyone stepping forward when he performed "Allez."  Videos and pictures with the custom PCD Snapchat filter (yep, they did that) flooded my timeline with captions like "You should be here!" and "Whey allyuh?"

I feel the need to remind my readers that promoters, deejays, and artists do not influence my reviews.  I support this event because I am a feter and I endorse quality events as a service to my fellow socaholics.  That being said, I will provide some advice for those planning to attend PCD in the future.  

Lyrikal carrying the Trinidad & Tobago flag

Arrive early!  Seriously, people flew in from Toronto, drove up from the DC area, and commuted in from New York's outer boroughs so the lines for drinks, coat check, and bathrooms did get very long.   Although showtime is two to three hours after doors open, you will want to enjoy the atmosphere, check your coat, and get your drinks before everyone crowds to the main floor to be stageside.  

The Liming Professionals crew - nice folks who partied hard!

Also, if you plan to be in VIP, know that space is limited and moving between the VIP area and the main dance floor will become difficult as more people arrive.  The abnormally large security men managed to maintain order while being very respectful to patrons (which is not always possible as liquid courage makes people do dumb things).  With the exception of one or two people being "asked" to leave the club, I did not witness any major altercations.

Note that early arrival does not mean early departure.  When you have a deejay lineup that includes Back to Basics, DJ Hazzard, Spoil Brattz, Miami's Ryan Sayeed, SLI, Sounds 4 Life, and Milo Myles, the music is just as important as the live performances.  An hour after the artists cleared the stage, Nuphoric kept the party going, even inviting CarNYval Dancer, Kiara Ross to showcase her skills on stage.

I have yet to meet anyone who has been to PCD and left disappointed.  If so, please feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments.  For me, however, in the words of my younger self, "OMG! The PCD fete was amazing!"