I Just Want to Enjoy Mi Life

*title taken from "Jammin Sake" by Lyrikal

PCD 2017 Party

Post-Carnival Depression, while not yet a medically diagnosed condition, is a severe case of nostalgia for carnival that can affect the lives of many feters.  The afflicted long to be in an outdoor party with 10,000 strangers or to don a feathered headpiece and jeweled bikini and as they chip down the road for three miles.  Whether you were in Trinidad or if you (like me) watched live online streams of Carnival events from abroad, you may be afflicted with PCD.  Considering the line outside and the eagerness to pack Stage 48 in Midtown Manhattan, New York is experiencing an outbreak of the epidemic.  New York promo team Shorblu Events, Live by the Henny, and B2B Ent offered a cure that included live performances by Skinny Fabulous, Sekon Sta, Dawg E. Slaughter, and “Mr. PCD” Lyrikal.

I, along with my fellow Blogger Chicks (@thesocalyst and @socasayso), were able to catch up with some of the artistes and ask them about their music, the latest headlines, and their take on the 2017 Carnival season. 

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