Meet & Greet with Machel Montano at Miss Lily's

Dutty Wine is the business!

After work on Thursday, I headed down to Miss Lily's restaurant on Houston Street for the first time.  Not because I had a sudden craving for Jamaican food, but because Machel Montano was scheduled to be there for a meet and greet and interview with  

While I waited for Mr. HD, I sat sipping my "Dutty Wine" (sangria with a splash of prosecco).  I was so engrossed in my drink that I did not realize that the voice that said "Greetings, greetings all" belonged to Machel Montano.

As I saw him leaving from the restaurant, I decided to stop him for a quick selfie.  Without hesitation he said, "Of course" and posed for a quick pic with DysChick before heading to the lounge area.

The place was so crowded with people waiting to see him, that even he had trouble getting in the door.  I circled around back and found a spot far away from the makeshift stage.  

My distance did not matter.  For two hours fans listened to Machel Montano talk about his life in the soca music industry with several breaks for singing, joking, and engaging with his fans in the crowded space.  What was supposed to be an interview turned into an impromptu concert.

The event was supposed to run from 6pm-8pm, but with so many fans clamoring to see the Happiest Man Alive, it was 10pm before people finally left the restaurant.  With my signed copy of HD's latest album "Happiest Man Alive," I reluctantly left.  An excellent start to my party weekend.