Radial Music

Tired of streaming music apps mixing in dancehall and Kompa when all you want is a 100% soca playlist?  Abay Israel and Andre Thomas have a solution.

Radial is a free mobile app that offers a database of Caribbean music that you can stream on your phone.  If you use other streaming apps, you have certainly noticed that your soca playlist is not all soca.  That's because they lump soca in with other "World Music" to fill out your playlist.  Now, you don't have to interrupt your wining session to skip through songs.  Radial allows you to create a customized playlist so that you get the songs that you want to hear in the order you want to hear them. 

Go to  Radial  now to check out my Soca Essentials playlist!

Go to Radial now to check out my Soca Essentials playlist!

As a soca junkie, I am always in tune with the new music, but sometimes I'm in the mood for music from 2009 or 1989.  Now, I can search the Radial database for my favorite artistes or songs and build my own playlists.  I can even search for my friends and follow them, too.

Artists and deejays can also benefit from Radial.  Contact Abay Israel or Andre Thomas for more information on how you can get your music heard by a wider audience than just your followers.  Get analytics of your song's performance, find out who your super fans are, and connect with soca neophytes who may not yet realize that you're the next big thing. 

Future enhancements will include social tools so that users can recommend music to their Radial followers and get recommendations from the app, allowing soca junkies to discover new music. 

"We are going to redefine the way that people listen to radio, especially Caribbean music."