Brooklyn's Own: Wildfire

Wildfire started out in R&B and Pop music before his musical direction changed in 2008.  "I tell people all the time, I tripped and fell into [soca].”  While working as a photographer for, Wildfire met New York City-based producer Nutron at SOBs.  In a moment of uncharacteristic brazenness, he introduced himself as a songwriter and proposed a future collaboration.  To his surprise, Nutron was open to the idea and the two began corresponding.  The new connection allowed Wildfire to meet soca icon Machel Montano, with whom he recorded "Really Hot,"  which was released on Montano's Album 34.  He later also penned Montano's "So High (A.O.A.)." 

Artists took notice of his talents and he soon found himself working with Farmer Nappy, Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts, and Ricardo Drue, for whom he wrote “Holding On.”  In 2012 Wildfire took home the Antigua Monarch title with Tian Winter for their duet “Cya Fail Me” and won the People’s Monarch of St. Lucia in 2014 with his Lucian partner Sedale for their hit single "Pandemonium."

Wildfire has experienced a great deal of support from his St. Lucia fans.  In fact, his latest release "Earthquake" was actually produced and mixed for him by Yannick Plante of Minor Productionz.  However, he is set on exposing the talent right here in New York.  “We have so many talented musicians, artistes, producers, and writers out here but we get overlooked.”  People tend to look to Trinidad for the next hit soca song, leaving local artists eclipsed and struggling for gigs and airtime.  When asked what he thinks will help Brooklyn artists gain the same notoriety as artists from the Caribbean, Wildfire believes the power lies in the hands of local deejays.  "Everything becomes intelligible with familiarity."  If deejays here promote new tunes and play the records of local artists, the Brooklyn soca scene will become familiar with the music and eventually artists will build a fan base within their own community.  

The idea has a financial benefit as well.  "Imagine if some promoters and djs actually did this... ALOOOOOOTTTT of money would be saved."  True.  This would benefit patrons as well.  If promoters no longer having to pay for flights and accomodations, the price of a fete ticket would be cheaper...which means DysChick could go to more parties.  Yep, I'm all for that.  

So socaholics, would you go to a party that featured only New York City-based talent?

FUN FACT: Wildfire can thank his father for his stage name.

Wildfire's father is a journalist dubbed "The Flamethrower" due to his aggressive style of questioning.  As his son, Peter was given the name "Fire." As his locks grew, the prefix wild was added - hence, Wildfire.  Although he considers the origin of the name to be corny, it has become a mantra for his life.  “Spread love like Wildfire. Spread music like Wildfire.  Spread God like Wildfire.”

Wildfire Tour Dates:

•  May 27th-30th – Phoenix Carnival

•  July 16th-19th –St. Lucia Carnival

July 22nd-August 2nd – Antigua Carnival