Rant and Rave Business Edition - Full Video

June 2019 - Brooklyn, NY

Rant and Rave Business Edition - Full Video

June 2019 - Brooklyn, NY

Rant and Rave Kickoff Event

May 2019 - Brooklyn, NY

Trinidad Carnival

March 2019

Is the rising cost of Carnival pricing locals out of their own festival?

In my second live-stream show with Carnevale Network we talk about the rising costs of Carnival in Trinidad and whether the costs are excluding Trinidadians from their own national festival!

Are Caribbean people living abroad losing their culture?

In our first live-stream show, Garvey Campbell of Carnevale Network and i discuss the effect of the generational information gap on Caribbeans abroad

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Did you go to Guyana carnival?

Click here for some clips of Tuesday on the Rocks and the Parade of Bands.  See more.  Follow DysChick on YouTube or on Instagram.

Brooklyn carnival  

September 2018

miami carnival  

October 2018

Toronto Carnival (Caribana)

Toronto, August 2018

Guyana Carnival Weekend 

Georgetown, Guyana,  May 2018

Dr. Jay's House Call ft. DJ Puffy 

Maracas Nightclub, November 2017

Lyrikal's Soca 4 Life Hurricane Relief Concert

Mazi Nightclub, October 2017

Rupee's Tipsy Birthday Bash

Resort World Casino, September 2017

Electric Karnival

Historic Virginia Key Beach, July 2017

Bermuda Carnival Band Launch

Fairmont Southampton, January 2017