Madd Sick

DJ Young Chow's MADD SICK Party in Brooklyn

On Saturday, January 25th, the cold and snow made daily activities so undesirable that I figured DJ Young Chow's MADD Sick would have a less than impressive turnout.  I admittedly underestimated Young Chow's allure.  Brooklyn's Pulse 48 was completely packed!  The online buzz about this party was so ridiculous that the VIP beds were completely sold out early (glean from that what you will).  Massive BSteelie Bashment, Pantrin VybezDJ MagicRoad International, and Big Show Squad entertained the sold out crowd until the wee hours of the morning.

All 400 (or something like that) deejays at Madd Sick pt. 11

Upon first entering, I was impressed with how the warehouse-style venue was transformed.  Kudos to whomever was responsible for that.  I checked my coat and headed to the dance floor.  If you've been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that is not a surprise.  The usual warm up old school reggae had me swinging my hips immediately.  Everyone was smiling and enjoying the early vibes; although, I suspect the men were mostly excited to see the bottle service girls in their white skin-tight jumpsuits.

Folks started slow wining or swaying to the reggae, however, the crowd stopped moving when slow R&B followed QQ's dancehall hit "One Drop."  In fact, there were several times when the genre shift gave patrons pause.  This was due to the transition between the numerous deejays, each with his own playlist and method.  As a soca baby, the highlight of the night was when Riggo of Pan-Trin Vybez brought the soca!  Finally, I saw women wukkin' up and men wining low on bumpas.  My only complaint: Riggo was not on long enough.  I suppose I am biased, but I wanted to hear more soca and wave my rag in the air.  Clearly it was just me.  Everyone else happily sang along to the latest hip-hop and pop tunes.  

All in all, this was a fantastic party.  With so many bodies in the place, it was almost hard to believe that we were in Brooklyn - in January - partying during a snowstorm.  Props to the crews that came out in the cold and snow to support DJ Young Chow.  Yes, only MADD Sick people are that brave.  Make sure you arrive early next year at Madd Sick pt. 12.  

Riggo of Pantrin Vybez on deck